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Training, facilitation and workshops are important parts of professional development but too often they can be predictable, boring or pitched at the lowest level.

To assure value, these programs and events must inspire participants to engage fully,
to receive new information and put into practice what they learn.

It doesn't hurt either if they are dynamic and enjoyable.

You can get in touch to discuss your situation and learn more about how I can tailor workshops to best meet your needs.

Or read on.

Authoritas: the workshop

Exploring Authoritas is deep work — and it is one workshop that I insist is bespoke for my clients.

Let's have a conversation and determine who will be attending and their stage of personal and career development and your objectives for the session.

Please contact me to learn more about some possible formats this workshop »

If you'd like to introduce your group to the underlying principles of Authoritas, please consider the 60-minute keynote as a great starting point.

Visible: the workshop

Feminine Authority is a concept that I use to highlight and bring together the essential feminine and masculine qualities we need to not only perform well and effectively in the workplace but to be fully seen and heard while doing it.

The fact is, of all the 'masculine' traits and behaviours women have tried to model in the workplace, we've tended to pick the ones that help us the least (and usually make us feel exhausted, frustrated and confused!).

But there are many masculine traits we can adopt that will allow us to perform more effectively and amp-up our natural feminine authority: a win-win!

Now consider what happens when we also understand more about our natural feminine authority — like the perceptive wide-angled wisdom that women have innate access to (it's all part of the package that enables us to be mothers if we choose).

In the Visible workshop your women will learn:

  • What it means to make a decision — and how to do that without second-guessing
    (a technique that can be used both at work and at home)
  • How to set up their environment for maximum support (and it's not just physical surroundings!)
  • How to get out of their head and always be prepared to act
  • How to own the space when they speak and be heard — using their body, their voice and their words
  • The top 3 cues men give each other — often without knowing it — and how to pay attention to these cues and model them
  • How to set and then reverse-engineer big goals.

And your women will walk away with:

  • A personal selection of Beliefs, Practices and Habits that will best serve them in the workplace
  • Tips and techniques to focus and re-focus no matter what kind of crazy hours they're working at the moment
  • 5 of the best techniques to help them in critical conversations
  • The snapshot of their personal strategy that can act as their touchstone for all of their decision making
  • The 3 things they can do right now to start setting it all up — whether their goal is 12 months or 5 years away.

Get in touch here to discuss this workshop or make a booking »