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Stay out of Overwhelm and Crazy-busy
Some practical steps to boost your mood, your energy, your sleep and your immunity … especially if you’re busy

On this 60 minute teleseminar Jacquie discusses the link between high levels of self care and elevated personal responsibility and accountability, which form part of the foundation of successful leadership. She explains why managing your state and your energy and your overall health is a HUGE piece of the leadership puzzle and one of the central tenets of Authoritas, which is Jacquie’s signature work around Leadership and Authority. 

Jacquie is not a doctor, nor a health practitioner, but from the time she trained as a stage actor and worked in theatre, she has continued to upgrade and refine her own self care practices.

On this call, Jacquie shares some of the tools and practices to help you face challenges and be present, upping your productivity and visibility in the bargain, including:

  • What you need to understand about 'recovery'
  • Easy travel tips, esp managing strange digestive patterns
  • Releasing crap & worry from your head (which will give you more and better sleep)
  • Supplement and immunity info - and the essential checks to organise with your GP
  • Dealing with grief and hard transitions — including loss of loved ones, relocation, injury and illness and extended recovery periods
  • Using essential oils to improve immunity and create optimism and positivity