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What Jacquie's clients say

"Her years of experience working with senior corporates, as well as her ability to very quickly ‘get up to speed’ with the project or issue at hand, means that our discussions get specific very quickly ... Jacquie is a truth-teller and her feedback and guidance is always direct and spot-on."
— Managing Partner, Global Management Consultancy, Asia

Working with Jacquie has been incredibly valuable for me at this stage in my career. She has extraordinary insights into the behaviours that are typical of the Board and Executive domains. And her theatre background is a rich source of energy/preparation techniques that complement her communication strategies to perform well in those environments. She is a pleasure to work with: candid, warm and very flexible in dealing with an unpredictable work schedule.

— First-time CEO, Australia-wide Apparel Manufacturing & Retail company

Jacquie is an outstanding adviser. She digs very deep to understand your needs as well as focuses on your aspirations, draws on a huge amount of experience and works through things with you in a very practical hands-on way. Through our work together, I am now able to be visionary, very productive and confident with my style, both as an emerging young leader and as a woman in the corporate arena. Jacquie is both frank and fearless – but, equally, incredibly caring and supportive. I could not recommend her more highly.

— Melissa Morphet, Program Manager, Apparel Industry

"I have worked with Jacq for more than a decade. On some very big corporate transformations and day-to-day blocking and tackling. She is AAA. Gun barrel straight, very sharp and truly excellent in her mastery of communications. (She has an absolute passion for language and words.) Not daunted by very senior people, she is a great confidante and adviser. Jacq gets to the heart of the issue. She can frame the overall communications strategy and be on top of the tiniest detail. Finally, Jacq has a great sense of humour - much appreciated on late nights and long days. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly."
— Charles Sitch, (former) Director, McKinsey & Company

Jacquie Molloy's great skill is that she is able to help people in business get the right message across clearly.

Jacquie has been involved with business at the highest levels for more than two decades and knows how to coach and counsel those who are entering the senior corporate space — whether that is senior management or Board level — to 'hit the ground running' and strengthen all of their communications skills.

— Alison Watkins, CEO, GrainCorp

Thank you for our conversations. I have found them very worthwhile and insightful – things I had put to the back of my mind surfaced and reminded me what’s important to me. I can see why you have the client list that you do!
— Female CEO,
National Not-For-Profit

Working with Jacquie has led me to make some significant changes in the way I use my time and how I interact with my team and colleagues. Because of the insight and care she has shown through this process, and the tools we have used, I have more confidence in stating, and negotiating, what I need to achieve the right outcomes.
— Tess Tholstrup, Organisational Psychologist & Facilitator, Axialent

Jacquie has guided me to make a real improvement in both my communication and problem solving skills through a well-structured 1:1 mentoring and coaching program ... Although my firm had identified me as a high potential, the marked improvement in my communications alone allowed me to move into a Manager role, months ahead of schedule and my peers, even before I had completed the program with Jacquie.
— Manager, a Tier-1 Global Management Consulting Firm

Hearing Jacquie speak about leadership and ambition was unbelievably entertaining and insightful with such strong take home messages. I can't wait to hear her speak again.
— Gearoid Towey, Performance & transition coach & speaker