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Dear Leader,

If I could share with your Execs the exact comms skills and approaches they need now to get more velocity and traction in their roles (& priorities), would you be interested to learn more?

I can tell you that not one day has gone past that I have not reflected on the Masterclass. I got a lot out of the day and keep embedding the learning by reflecting on and working those key communication pillars.
— General Manager, Telstra

One of the things my clients love the most in our work together is my ability to diagnose and unravel a nuanced communications issue, suggest strategies and approaches (and tell them how & why they will work), give them practical ‘how to’ feedback on how they interact with their execs and other staff, and even model the language to use in ‘high stakes’ situations — whether that’s a delicate note to write or a tough conversation to be had or a mission-critical speech or presentation to deliver.

I work my comms skills and expertise all the time to provide expert support and counsel to my CEO and Sen Exec clients. And if you know my background as McKinsey comms guru, competitive proposal sharpshooter, specialist writer, ‘speech doctor’ and stage actor, then you’ll also know my credibility and rep in this arena is outstanding.

In the Leadership Comms Masterclass, your people get access to my intel and perspectives — based on my 25+ years in the C-suites and Boardrooms. I address the most common issues that my clients face (there’s a reason they’re common to many) and I share some of my most insightful lessons learned. Think of it as part coaching–part mentoring–part active skills transfer. And lots of Q&A!

Here’s a taste of the learning and conversations:

  • What you need to demonstrate to be known as someone who can effectively manage up and manage down as well as influence your peers on sticky issues.
  • The invisible dynamics that influence your success and failure: like how you show up (and how others know when you don’t) and how cogently you think on your feet.
  • 1 pagers: why they are one of the best indicators of critical thinking and structured communications — and how to use them as a core management tool.
  • When to shut up and listen and when to hold your authority, how to use questions, and how to interrupt and how to handle interruptions.
  • How to think through and create effective Board communications (on paper & in the room).
  • Core Exec Speaker Toolkit: my best prep, content and energy tips for speaking and presenting. (This alone could be worth your investment!)

This Masterclass is an elite leadership event for 3-12 of your Senior Execs who have experience in ‘high accountability’ communications and who demonstrate an appetite and propensity for high performance.

Interested to learn more about the Masterclass for your organisation? Please get in touch.