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Jacquie’s keynotes can be designed to suit your event.  They can be a standalone 'keynote event' or expanded to include audience discussion to facilitate group awareness and insights.

Here's a TED-length taster of Jacquie's 'Authoritas' keynote:

Authoritas — leadership, ambition and authority

Authoritas is real know-it-when-you-see-it leadership authority.

Authoritas is a quality and a presence that women can and must develop to be visible and be heard in meetings and to be better able to influence the dynamics around them.

Authoritas is a quality and a presence that men need to learn how to embrace rather than defaulting to ‘command & control’ — the conqueror mentality.

Jacquie draws on her 20+ years experience working in the Executive suite, and helping execs position and transition to C-level roles, to unpack her concept of Authoritas: the role of ambition, what it takes to earn the title of leader and the currency of real leadership authority.

"Really interesting spin - and beautifully done"

"Jacquie makes you think - and she exudes leadership herself"

"Captivating! Great message: have the courage to be ourselves and trust there is a place"

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Visible — creating personal effectiveness, influence and credibility

In an engaging and entertaining keynote, Jacquie will challenge the way you've been thinking about your career and your professional development — and your beliefs about who's really in charge of handing out opportunities.

She will inspire you to resolve to be in control of your own life and give you the courage to take 'aligned action'.

In this keynote, Jacquie also helps men and women to understand how feminine and masculine traits play out, how they can kick-start dynamics you didn't know were in play, and how to be stronger, more powerful and more 'present' in your roles and your careers.

This keynote works brilliantly for an all-woman audience — and can be super instructive for a mixed audience.

In this keynote Jacquie talks about:

  • What it takes to be heard, make sure your ideas get cut-through, and be visible in ways that count
  • What it requires to truly 'think on your feet'
  • When it's a glass ceiling and when it's a sticky floor
  • How to spot the cues and decipher the information men and women give each other (and get why they're different)
  • The power of archetypes and communications heros for being the best you can be.

"Great topic and SO relevant"

"Jacquie is a brilliant speaker"

"When I first heard Jacquie Molloy speak at a conference, her words captivated me.  Jacquie taught me about the power of visibility and I am using key techniques learnt in my daily work."

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Debate — the way teams discuss and explore will determine their success

Think of the Boardroom. The most important function of the Board in its governance role is to make sound decisions in an environment that is rife with complexity and risk. And the best possible precursor to sound decision making is the discussion that allows a Board to know when they have what they need to make a decision.

The shallower the discussion, the riskier the decision. That's not a set-in-stone formula of course but it's a pretty good rule of thumb.

And it's not just Boards - exec teams need this too.

In this keynote, Jacquie talks about:

  • The big tension (and impatience) around 'talk' & 'action'
  • How and why inherited Board processes & dynamics can get in the way of rich discussion
  • Why debate is so perfect for Boards especially, but also Exec Teams, to adopt and the form that rich discussion should take
  • The masters of Debate and why we still want to model them
  • What's at stake: when we do and if we don't.

Jacquie's rep as a communications master is in full flight here.  This event will serve to educate, inspire and give you the tools to make your jobs more effective.

"Jacquie's use of debate is a refreshing strategy"

"Masterful and loved the engagement you achieved with the audience"

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