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why differences of opinion are essential for leadership decision making

We have come to think of 'arguing' as a bad thing. We think of it as something to avoid because of the inherent discomfort (or discourtesy) we have attached to it. But an argument is also a type of rhetoric.

It doesn't have to be an inflamed high-volume situation.

In fact, the power of Debate is that it is an argument; an argument that is held within the frame of agreed rules of engagement. And it's because of this that it is a very effective way of exploring issues, handling differences of opinion and resolving disagreement.

Did you catch that? Resolving disagreement.

Debate is an exploration of (at least) two sides of an issue. It is a rich discussion that allows everyone 'at the table' the right to participate and allows for every position to be heard — in fact, it demands it.

In a world that becomes more complex by the nano second, this can only be a good thing.

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Jacquie Molloy's great skill is that she is able to help people in business get the right message across clearly.

Jacquie has been involved with business at the highest levels for more than two decades and knows how to coach and counsel those who are entering the senior corporate space — whether that is senior management or Board level — to 'hit the ground running' and strengthen all of their communications skills.

— Alison Watkins, CEO, Coca-Cola Amatil