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Debate Camp

If Debate is such a great way to explore issues, resolve disagreement and make better decisions, why aren't we better at it?

There are a few reasons and not all of them are logical.

In the main, we tend to consider Debate as old-fashioned and a bit starchy. Or when we do think of them in current practice we call only two models to mind: parliamentary debates (which often seem like a forum for bad behaviour and insults) and presidential debates (which often appear as though neither candidate is listening to the other; they're just waiting to deliver the next section of their 'stump speech').

But the main reason we don't draw on the power of Debate is that we lack the basic skills and knowledge. We lack the confidence to know how.

Boards and Exec Teams have so much to gain from adopting the practice of Debate.

Effective decision making in the boardroom requires the articulation of ideas and points and views, and the careful listening to, and acceptance of, different ideas.

Unfortunately for the majority of Boards, poor group dynamics, or a Chair who doesn't know how to get a far-reaching discussion 'back in the box' and when to transition into decision-making mode, prevent them from making this shift on their own.

Debate Camp teaches leaders — CEOs, Chairs and Board Directors — to master the art of debating in an engaging forum that promotes both conversation and listening.

It's a weekend-long experience that guides participants through an awareness of what might be influencing their Boards right now (and the dynamics that could be leading them to be unconsciously influenced in their decision making processes) and introduces them to the relevant skills and practices that will enable them to:

  • Defuse much of the emotional investment of holding certain positions
  • Move group dynamics from polarity to plurality
  • Create more open mindedness and ability to listen to, and hear, logic and rationale.

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What makes Debate Camp a unique experience for the corporate senior leaders to attend is that there is a surprising investment required beyond the usual time and money and attention. It's this:

What happens at Debate Camp must not stay at Debate Camp.

The participants have an obligation and responsibility to take what they have learned and use it to mentor their teenage children by getting Debate into schools and into the community.

Because what if individuals could enter partnerships, teams and organisations — no matter their age or years of experience — with a stronger set of skills to explore, discover and discuss big ideas and to communicate what they believed and why?

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