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Coaching and Mentoring

Are you ready to make a real difference with your leadership?
Do you want to prepare for the next chapter or craft a legacy?
Do you need to develop new skills and new perspectives?
Could you do with someone in your corner who will help to unpack the successes and the failures and keep you honest?
Do you need a 'fixer' on your team?

Working with Jacquie has been incredibly valuable for me at this stage in my career. She has extraordinary insights into the behaviours that are typical of the Board and Executive domains. And her theatre background is a rich source of energy/preparation techniques that complement her communication strategies to perform well in those environments. She is a pleasure to work with: candid, warm and very flexible in dealing with an unpredictable work schedule.

— First-time CEO, Australia-wide Apparel Manufacturing & Retail company

Authoritas coaching for CEOs

I believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything. So it's not surprising that when CEOs, Chairs and senior executives become more assured in their personal and interpersonal communications — with peers, reports and clients — they develop deeper leadership skills and a much greater ability to engage and influence.

When we add Authoritas in to the mix, they are also able to act with greater integrity and authority — and without the procrastination and second-guessing that can dog and undermine so many executives.

This is about developing presence and being super clear about what you stand for and what you are known for: leadership authority.

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Debate coaching

What if all individuals in business — at any level — could recognise, instigate and participate in debates as a way to explore, discover and discuss big ideas and develop strategies?

What if individuals could enter partnerships of any kind — including marriage and intimate relationships — with a stronger set of skills to articulate and communicate what they believed and why?

In our 1:1 coaching and mentoring work, you learn specific skills and strategies that will serve you well in your preparation for important conversations, meetings and discussions.

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Visible coaching

Feminine Authority is a concept that I use to highlight and bring together the essential feminine and masculine qualities we need to not only perform well and effectively in the workplace but to be fully seen and heard while doing it.

In our coaching and mentoring work, I will support you 100%.

I will also stand for nothing less than Action.

Why? Because it's time to stop hiding and stop waiting for someone to give you the opportunity you say your ready for. It's up to you to step up.

We women are inclined to wait until we feel fully ready to do something before saying we can do it. It's something our brothers rarely do.

Or we say that we are ready for what is to come but, inside, we doubt that we are. And that super-secret chink in the armour will undermine us every single time because it's more obvious to others than you would like to think.

People respond to energy.

The fact is, of all the 'masculine' traits and behaviours women have tried to model in the workplace, we've tended to pick the ones that help us the least (and usually make us feel exhausted and frustrated!).

But there are many masculine traits we can adopt that will allow us to perform more effectively and amp-up our natural feminine authority.

Now consider what happens when we also understand more about our natural feminine authority — like the perceptive wide-angled wisdom that women have innate access to (it's all part of the package that enables us to be mothers if we choose).

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Jacquie is an outstanding adviser. She digs very deep to understand your needs as well as focuses on your aspirations, draws on a huge amount of experience and works through things with you in a very practical hands-on way. Through our work together, I am now able to be visionary, very productive and confident with my style, both as an emerging young leader and as a woman in the corporate arena. Jacquie is both frank and fearless – but, equally, incredibly caring and supportive. I could not recommend her more highly.

— Melissa Morphet, Program Manager, Apparel Industry