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Jacquie Molloy guides senior leaders to develop and display leadership authority (what she calls Authoritas); helps Boards to discover the power (and imperative) of exploring differences of opinion through Debate; and shares the practices for personal authority, high-performing teams and cultural excellence with individuals and organisations so they can be Visible in all the right ways.

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Context & Perception

What were you doing before you opened this email?

It’s an important question to keep in mind when you are prepping a presentation; when you have been invited to present at a meeting (but not attend all of it), when you are writing a Board paper or other kind of pre-read … when you are writing or preparing any communication.

It’s not enough to tell your story well — you need to tell the right story for this specific purpose and this particular reader (or set of readers or audience) at this time.

This is a common area that can trip people up or become a blindspot. And that’s a problem because it’s going to interfere with your ability to lead (or create the rep you want).

Because the foundation of practical and effective leadership is excellent communications.

Being very clear about ‘audience and purpose’ is an essential part of preparing great comms. And part of that prep work is understanding the context you are communicating in.

What has the reader, or audience, been doing?

Where is their head?

Will they be able to go from 0 to 100?

How can you help them be where they need to be in order to hear what you have to say?

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