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Jacquie Molloy guides senior leaders to develop and display leadership authority (what she calls Authoritas); helps Boards to discover the power (and imperative) of exploring differences of opinion through Debate; and shares the practices for personal authority, high-performing teams and cultural excellence with individuals and organisations so they can be Visible in all the right ways.

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Words (and ideas) matter

Fabulous podcast (or broadcast) for you from the Wheeler Centre’s Fifth Estate series.
Sally Warhaft interviews Pat Cunnane, who was senior writer and Deputy Director for Messaging for President Obama. In that capacity Cunane helped Obama determine where it would be most effective for him to spend time and which interviews he should do, and what he would say, and how it might best be framed …
It’s a great 1-hour chat — ahead of the release of Cunnane’s new book, West Winging It: An Unpresidential Memoir.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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