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how to develop and display leadership authority

Authoritas is the ability to be fully present and act in the moment with confidence and wisdom.

Authoritas is the preparedness to act when others might want to hold back and get more information before they have to commit.

Authoritas is the ability to handle the energy and focus of situations most of us would like to run away from and hide if we could get away with it.

It is real know-it-when-you-see-it leadership authority.

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"I have worked with Jacq for more than a decade. On some very big corporate transformations and day-to-day blocking and tackling. She is AAA. Gun barrel straight, very sharp and truly excellent in her mastery of communications. (She has an absolute passion for language and words.) Not daunted by very senior people, she is a great confidante and adviser. Jacq gets to the heart of the issue. She can frame the overall communications strategy and be on top of the tiniest detail. Finally, Jacq has a great sense of humour - much appreciated on late nights and long days. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly."
— Charles Sitch, (former) Director, McKinsey & Company