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About Jacquie

Jacquie is a Melbourne-based communications strategist/consultant, coach and speaker who works with Board Directors, CEOs and Senior Execs.

With more than two decades of experience as a communications strategist and C-suite coach–consultant, Jacquie is sought after for her communications mastery; critical thinking, (re)framing and problem solving skills; keynote and group facilitation expertise; and her ability to coach and privately counsel very senior people on leadership presence and personal effectiveness.

Jacquie’s background as a Shakespeare scholar and stage-trained actor combined with her extensive experience writing for, and working in, Australian and European Boards and C-suites, starting with her 8 years at McKinsey & Company, brings a unique and dynamic and insightful edge to her coaching & consulting, facilitation services and keynote delivery.

Executives seek out Jacquie's services when

  • They need to get their message across quickly and clearly (to the Board, to the org, to the media)
  • They need to write and deliver a speech or critical presentation
  • They need someone with a ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ attitude to help establish high quality communication protocols
  • They are in transition, needing to prepare for a selection process or adapting to a new role or environment
  • They are committed to mastering the practices, skills and perspectives they need to consistently show up, be curious, participate fully, generate insights, communicate effectively and create momentum.

Jacquie is a trusted professional who

  • Consults with CEOs and Sen Execs as a communications strategist
  • Helps Boards and Exec Teams to embrace the power, and imperative, of exploring differences of opinion. (To read a sample chapter of her book, Debate: use differences of opinion to drive leadership decision making, please get in touch.)
  • Facilitates Board & Management offsites, Strategy Planning sessions, Board communications audits and Executive Roundtables
  • Provides teams with high quality content-curation services around specific topics and skills that support current priorities and objectives
  • Delivers keynote speeches and in-house facilitated discussions
  • Coaches and counsels individuals.

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