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About Jacquie

20 years of working with Boards, CEOs, Partnership Groups and Senior Managers — for some that might mark me as ‘expert, fully cooked.’

But I believe there is always more to learn.

There might be many common scenarios, but every individual I work with has their own set of skills and challenges and goals.

However it’s because of my 20 years’ experience and my longevity that I know the corporate world — and professional services in particular — so well.

And I use my experience and understanding to provide those who are ready for the next level with a unique perspective of what their CEO and Chair are looking for and what they value highly.

But that’s not my only background. I am also trained in stagecraft and voice. (You want to know what 360° feedback really looks like? Work in the theatre!)

As much as I love and miss the theatre, I still get to use many of these skills in my corporate client work. My background has an enormous influence in how I work with clients — especially in presentation, speech and facilitation work. I use creative techniques to ‘unlock’ and relax uncomfortable, and sometimes reticent, professionals. I guide them to learn how to work with energy and engage others while staying true to their own ‘voice’. (It’s about establishing presence.) And even basic voice and breath work will mark you out as a strong communicator very easily.

Still wondering if I could help you communicate more effectively in your organisation? You might be interested to know that I talk to other species as well: at Melbourne Zoo, where I am a volunteer guide.

Where to from here?