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From: Jacquie Molloy
March 2014


You know, how we work can tell us so much about what we think about our own potential and possibility.

Two of the most common complaints I hear from women when I first meet them, regardless of the level they work at are: ‘I feel so overwhelmed right now’ and ‘why aren't things happening quicker?’.

Overwhelm can look different to different people. But we all know the feeling. And we know too the frustration (and impatience) of working hard with results coming too slow or not as well/big/successful as we hoped. It all boils down to this: you’re stuck.

  • feel you don't have the knowledge or information you need to take the next step — all the good stuff feels just out of reach.
  • have so many projects on the go — so many balls up in the air — that you can't get ahead or build momentum in any of them. So much to do, so little time.
  • are doing, doing, doing — you couldn’t do any more if you tried — but you feel like you’re the mouse on a wheel getting nowhere.
  • feel disheartened and lack the energy trying to keep up and do what you know you ‘should’. It all feels too hard. You know for sure you need more sleep!
  • often get sidetracked — all those little tasks and details that rob you of time and headspace and never move you ahead.
  • make progress and do well in one area but there always seems to be another area of your life — at work or at home — ready to ‘throw a spanner in the works’.

  • aren't able to relax and really listen in meetings and in critical conversations … so you don’t participate fully and often get misunderstood, ignored or railroaded. And the cycle continues …

It’s pretty clear when you look at this list that any one of these ‘conditions’ is going to hamper your ability to be productive in ways that count. And that means that it’s going to be hard to be fully seen and heard, respected and recognised, in your work.

And yet most of us at some point — and maybe even right now – have grappled with these manifestations of ‘stuck’ and ‘overwhelm’.

Now imagine if

  • You enjoyed going to work every day
  • You earned a great salary — and had the skills and confidence to ask for more money when you deserved it
  • You were acknowledged and respected by your peers, your reports and those you report to — your ideas are heard and explored and acted upon
  • You could unplug from the phone and the laptop without the world threatening to come to a standstill
  • You enjoyed good quality time with your friends and family
  • You were exercising, eating well and regularly, and had lots of energy to get stuff done
  • You embraced challenge and felt good about your ambitions.

Who is this woman?

She is confident yet fully aware; committed yet flexible (nimble even); discerning yet receptive; helpful and kind yet a queen of holding firm to her own boundaries.

She is a woman of her word and she gets results.

She is visible.

If that sounds like who you want to be — or what you need — then, no kidding, this 6-part teleseminar course will feel like manna from heaven …

Because believe it or not, the feelings of ‘stuck’ and ‘overwhelm’ and ‘frustration’ can simply be the cover story for deeper limiting beliefs that are acting even more powerfully on you than any institutional glass ceiling.

If you want to get ahead, if you want to earn more, if your ambition is to lead, if you want to be more Visible, then you need to raise your self-awareness, give yourself permission to know more and reach higher, and you need to be prepared to act with courage.

When you become more visible, you can claim who you are and what you want.
But you must be willing to be your own advocate.

Over the last 20-odd years, I’ve developed a rich understanding of how to be seen, and thrive, in a male-dominant environment (that would be McKinsey & Company back in the day and much of my CEO-mentoring work today is still man-heavy); how to speak truth to, and push back on, those in more senior, more powerful positions; how to get known for specific areas of expertise (both inside organisations and out in the general marketplace); how to ask for money — and more money (in the form of salary raises and bonuses first and then as fees from clients); how to negotiate better, fairer outcomes for myself; how to manage expectations; and how to provide value.

Jacquie Molloy's great skill is that she is able to help people in business get the right message across clearly.

Jacquie has been involved with business at the highest levels for more than two decades and knows how to coach and counsel those who are entering the senior corporate space — whether that is senior management or Board level — to ‘hit the ground running’.

— Alison Watkins, CEO & Board Director

For so much of this I was working without a net — trial and error, observing men closely and working out what was different about them and understanding how they interacted with each other and how they interacted with women, and learning from those who had gone before me.

I’m drawing on all my experience, all my learning and all my expertise to deliver this training course so I can teach you how to navigate your way through where you are in the business world — it doesn't have to be corporate — and where you are in your life. And maybe inspire you a little along the way too ;)

Jacquie is an outstanding adviser. Through our work together, 
I am now able to be visionary, very productive and confident with my style, both as an emerging young leader and as a woman in the corporate arena. Jacquie is both frank and fearless – but, equally, incredibly caring and supportive.
— Melissa Morphet, Program Manager

How to get yourself in the game
(aka how to BE visible!)

Call time: 7pm AEST Tuesday 29 April (90 minutes)

You learn about:

  • What you need to know and believe to have what you desire.
  • The 4 most common habits and mindset TRAPS that will undermine what you want to achieve before you even get started.
  • The worst practice you probably fall into without even realising that is keeping you STUCK — and how to stop it now — and forever.
  • How to create the environments that support you and ‘pull’ you forward.
  • Which practices, beliefs and mindsets that are going to best serve you for where you are right now and where you want to be.
  • How to know, and monitor, your stress pattern and triggers.
  • How to handle the feelings of chaos and discomfort — not to mention doubt and fear — when you start to move out of your comfort zone and into new territory  (= mandatory life skills that will make your world a happier place to be!)

Plus you receive checklists and handouts to support your learning
and the mp3 recording and transcript of the call

How to prioritise what’s important, focus your time and harness your energy

Call time: 7pm AEST Tuesday 6 May (60 minutes)

You learn about:

  • Ambition, goals and desires — why we resist what we want (and why we don't have to)
  • What ‘success’ looks like for you.
  • The need to edit skills and capabilities and let go or delegate what will no longer serve you as you step up. (Common mistake: trying to bring it all with you.)
  • How to set the kind of goals that support your desires rather than set you up for self-sabotage and failure.
  • How to set, and reverse-engineer, your big goals so you can get ‘quick wins’ and make progress straight away (no procrastination required!)
  • How to create time in your schedule by making sure it really reflects your real priorities.
  • How to use the practice of ‘map, manage, respond’.

Plus you receive checklists and handouts to support your learning
and the mp3 recording and transcript of the call

Special Pay-in-Full Bonus!

A 1-hour webinar on one of my favourite, and most popular, topics.

The Power of Archetypes:
how to consciously choose who you are being and how to activate the best traits and characteristics for you whenever you need them.

How to create boundaries that support you,
protect your time and stop you from being railroaded by colleagues, supervisors, friends & family

Call time: 7pm AEST Tuesday 13 May (60 minutes)

You learn about:

  • The issue of ‘likeability’ — how it shows up and the drama and obstacles it can cause.
  • Why the dynamics of your relationships with family and friends can (inadvertently) get carried into your working relationships and leave you exhausted and resentful.
  • The benefits of boundaries — and the cost of having no, or weak, boundaries (especially when it comes to your positioning and reputation).
  • The 3 best boundaries to set up immediately.
  • The language to use — and the language to avoid — to protect your boundaries
  • 5 of the best (and quickest) techniques to manage and recharge your physical and
    mental energy so you don't get caught offguard in meetings and conversations(and end up back in overwhelm).

Plus you receive checklists and handouts to support your learning
and the mp3 recording and transcript of the call

Call Time: 4pm AEST Saturday 18 May (60-90 minutes)

  • Your questions answered so you can get even more help applying what you're learning to your situation.
  • Even if you can't make the call live, you can submit your question on email in advance!

Plus you receive the MP3 recording and transcript of the call

How to know the right actions to take
and how to create momentum

Call time: 7pm AEST Tuesday 27 May (60 minutes)

You learn about:

  • ‘Right actions’: what you need to do to get where you want to be.
  • ‘Momentum’: what it is and how to get it.
  • Where 90% people go wrong when making decisions – from the big to the little. (Good decisions can be made fast!)
  • How to make good decisions without delay or second-guessing.
  • How to get back on track in 5 minutes whenever you need to (using a handy little ‘personal touchstone’ you can create in less than an hour).

Plus you receive checklists and handouts to support your learning
and the mp3 recording and transcript of the call

I have worked with Jacq for more than a decade. On some very big corporate transformations and day-to-day blocking and tackling. She is AAA. Gun barrel straight, very sharp and truly excellent in her mastery of communications. (She has an absolute passion for language and words.) Not daunted by very senior people, she is a great confidante and adviser. Jacq gets to the heart of the issue. She can frame the overall strategy and be on top of the tiniest detail. And Jacq has a great sense of humour — much appreciated on late nights and long days.
— Charles Sitch, (former) Director, McKinsey & Company

How to participate fully & play to win

Call time: 11.30am AEST Sunday 1 June (90 minutes)

You learn about:

  • Accountability — and if you are demonstrating high levels of personal accountability.
  • Reputation — and if you are aware of how your reputation is created.
  • Communications — what is the standard of your communications — around the table, on your feet and on paper and what does it need to be?
  • Leadership Authority — and why you don't need ‘power’ to display it.
  • How to handle critical conversations like interviews and performance reviews so that you express what you stand for and get the results that serve you.
  • How to own the space when you have to speak ‘on your feet’ so you can be heard and respected.
  • The top 2 mistakes women make in meetings that keeps them unseen and unheard (ever left a meeting feeling deflated?) … and how to avoid these mistakes from now on.
  • The top 2 cues men give each other, and why you must see them, learn them, and model them so they can ‘see’ and ‘hear’ you too.

Plus you receive checklists and handouts to support your learning
and the mp3 recording and transcript of the call

Why am I doing this? And why now?

That’s a question a colleague asked me recently. They wanted to know why would I focus my attention here when I already have a practice that counsels and mentors CEOs and Boards in ASX100 companies.

Well, it feels a little like I’m “answering a call” to get this information out.

You see, I was a lone ranger for so long, having to work this out on my own. And for all our talk about women helping other women … well, sadly, that wasn’t really my experience when I was 28 and 30 and 32 and trying to figure this all out.  But it meant I learned a LOT — about what works and what doesn't.

And then, last year, I got to help a young woman who, even though she was a ‘rising superstar’ in her field, was really struggling with how to get everything done, how to get ahead, and how to have a life. (In fact, she was often sick and upset because of stress and not being able to switch off.)

And it was only through our conversations — and her implementing my strategies and advice and getting great results — that I realised: it’s time to share my experience, my expertise and, yes, my wisdom with other women.

Working with Jacquie has been incredibly valuable for me at this stage in my career. She has extraordinary insights into the behaviours that are typical of the Board and Executive domains. And her theatre background is a rich source of energy/preparation techniques that complement her strategies to perform well in those environments.
— First-time CEO (woman)

Working with Jacquie has led me to make some significant changes in the way I use my time and how I interact with my team and colleagues. Because of the insight and care she has shown through this process, and the tools we have used, I have more confidence in stating, and negotiating, what I need to achieve the right outcomes.
— Tess Tholstrup, Org Psychologist & Facilitator

This course is for you ...

  • you’ve already made a decision this year to invest in some personal or professional development
  • what you’re reading resonates with you and you want to know more
  • your performance reviews tell you that you need to participate more; show more initiative; better prioritise your time, focus and energy; or manage others’ expectations better
  • you have desires or ambition that you don't quite know what to do with — and it feels too big or too out-of-reach to talk about at work or even with your family (lest you get the ‘who do you think you are?’ look, or worse: ‘WTF?!!’)
  • you love to challenge yourself and grow and develop
  • you are currently in a situation, a company or a role and need help and support … stat!

I know you have a lot of demands on your time — and your money. Me too!

But if you're here now, reading this, it's because you're interested in learning how to be recognised for what you know and do and want the opportunities to show, and share, your potential. You want to be visible.

To be visible, you must be your own advocate. And that means investing your time and money and focus in your development. In you. So let's go!

Don't let your writing hold you back!

a masterclass-webinar with Jacquie Molloy on how to prep, structure and write powerful business communications

When you register and pay prior to midnight Wednesday 26 March you get an even richer experience because you’ll get some of my best advice ever on how to structure and write documents more effectively — that’s emails, competitive proposals, research reports, white papers, the lot!

I am a master writer. I used to train people in how to structure documents (using Barbara Minto’s Pyramid Principle) and I wrote competitive proposals for senior corporates to secure engagements and professional monthly fees of upwards of $250,000. I have skills! But these days the only way you get access to that knowledge and experience is by way of a special limited bonus like this. If you can act now, DO IT! You'd be mad to miss this.

Getting these skills right can help you stand out in very good ways.

Jacquie has guided me to make a real improvement in both my communication and problem solving skills through a well-structured 1:1 mentoring and coaching program ... Although my firm had identified me as a high potential, the marked improvement in my communications alone allowed me to move into a Manager role, months ahead of schedule and my peers, even before I had completed the program with Jacquie.
— Manager, a Tier-1 Global Management Consulting Firm

I’m ready to receive this valuable training:

  • I get access to 6 calls — 5 content-rich training calls and a live Q&A call
  • I get mp3 recordings of all calls so I can play on any of my devices whenever suits me
  • I get pdf transcripts of each call so that I can highlight and mark-up the information and sections I want to remember and refer back to often
  • I get handouts and checklists and learning guides for each of the 5 modules to help me explore and ground the information even more
  • I get first dibs on upcoming training or events — at special investment levels
  • I get complimentary subscription to the Visible newsletter

And I also receive a special bonus:

  • The ‘Power of Archetypes’ webinar
    (a $300 value, included for me at no charge)

Register Now

Pay-in-full at
$594 (AUD, includes GST)

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