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Join Jacquie for an important - and complimentary - training call on Tuesday 25 March 2014 …

“The 5 smartest things women can do
 right now —to become more VISIBLE.”


If you are like most women, chances are in the last month or so you have felt overwhelmed, exhausted, confused and conflicted about what you think you have to do and who you think you have to be to get everything done and get ahead at work.

Let me share with you an uncomfortable truth: of all the obstacles and impediments that you feel might be in your way or are ‘necessary’ to overcome, the biggest one might be YOU.

Oh yes.

In my 20 years (and more) of helping men and women to successfully secure senior corporate positions, the standout attribute they share is a willingness to shine a light on themselves and be visible. That takes high levels of awareness, courage and permission to know who they are and what they want (and why). 

It also automatically reduces external obstacles and impediments (yes, really!) AND it makes your world easier, calmer and more optimistic.

Here’s what you have to accept: YOU are the key to being visible. Not your position, not your manager, not the culture of the organisation you work in, not what kind of clothes you wear, and not how much money is in the bank. Phew.

Just you, the woman you always wanted to be.

For women, though, it often requires a little extra support and learning to be willing and able to draw on the full strength of our feminine authority. There’s so much as little girls that we take on that will get in our way if we’re not able to shine that light on ourselves first!

Most of us have been raised in a society that rewards us, from when we were little girls, for being ‘ladylike’ — in other words, not being loud, not taking up space and not being difficult. Ouch. That makes successfully navigating the corporate — and any other business — world pretty difficult.

Thank you for our conversations. I have found them very worthwhile and insightful – things I had put to the back of my mind surfaced and reminded me what’s important to me. I can see why you have the client list that you do!
— Female CEO,
National Not-For-Profit

It’s not uncommon to need some help to understand what we should drop and what we should add from the rich palette of ‘feminine’ traits and characteristics we have natural ‘instant access’ to as well as the ‘masculine’ traits that we can adopt and use to be active and powerful at work. Getting this blend right at work is SUPER important to be able to be fully VISIBLE!

Join me on Tuesday 25 March at 5.30pm AEDT
for some of the best information you’ll hear all year

Here's a peek at what I'll be sharing:

  • The top 2 mistakes women make in meetings that keeps them unseen and unheard (ever left a meeting feeling deflated?) … and how to avoid these mistakes from now on
  • The biggest mindset trap we fall into again and again with colleagues and friends that is keeping you STUCK … and how to stop going there (this one could totally change your life – no kidding!)
  • The very best strategy to adopt when you don't know what to say (tried and true advice)
  • The secret “engine” that will help you generate all the confidence and courage you’ll ever need. (It’s unexpected and straightforward!)
  • Why you must ditch the guilt and start giving yourself permission for what you want to be, do and have (Amen!)

Who's this call for?

  • If you are a woman in corporate or the government or the not for profit sector
  • If you've been in corporate for a few years
  • If you're thinking about maternity leave — or coming back from being at home
  • If you're thinking about stepping away from corporate to start your own business

… you do not want to miss this important information I have to share with you.

Join me on this complimentary training call and learn the
5 smartest things you can do right now to become more VISIBLE.

Working with Jacquie has led me to make some significant changes in the way I use my time and how I interact with my team and colleagues. Because of the insight and care she has shown through this process, and the tools we have used, I have more confidence in stating, and negotiating, what I need to achieve the right outcomes.
— Tess Tholstrup, Organisational Psychologist & Facilitator, Axialent


Jacquie is an outstanding adviser. Through our work together, 
I am now able to be visionary, very productive and confident with my style, both as an emerging young leader and as a woman in the corporate arena. Jacquie is both frank and fearless – but, equally, incredibly caring and supportive.
— Melissa Morphet, Program Manager, Apparel Industry

Cant' make the call?

Register your details and we’ll send you an mp3 link to the audio recoding within 48 hours after the call.

HEADS UP! You’ll want to be on the call if you can because I’ll be making a special invitation just for those who are with me on the call live!

Are you ready to become the woman you’ve always wanted to be — and take responsibility for you and your career? Then this is the right next step to take.
See you on the call!

Click here to claim your spot now!

Working with Jacquie has been incredibly valuable for me at this stage in my career. She has extraordinary insights into the behaviours that are typical of the Board and Executive domains. And her theatre background is a rich source of energy/preparation techniques that complement her communication strategies to perform well in those environments.

— First-time female CEO, Australia-wide Apparel Manufacturing & Retail company

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